What are the benefits of lending a hand to other people?

Helping others provides a sense of meaning and purpose. Giving to others provides a sense of accomplishment, direction and purpose. People who help or volunteer for a cause feel their life is more worthwhile and experience a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This ultimately leads to improved physical, emotional, and mental health.

You will feel like a better person for helping. Helping others brings other positive effects into your life. It reinforces self-worth and your sense of belonging in other people’s lives. Going above and beyond what is expected will make you feel good about yourself. The more you can help others, the better you will feel.

Earn the reputation of being a nice person. The people you help will think highly of you – and spread the good word about you. The implications of your concern may be far-reaching in the minds and memories of those who know about your kindness.

Helping others helps improve your own relationships. People have a need to connect with other people. Helping others is the nicest way to feel that connection and make it grow. It makes you feel more human.

Helping others can help reduce stress. Did you know that helping others can help you live longer? Studies have shown that helping and volunteering can improve your health and extend your lifespan. Volunteers are less likely to suffer stress and stress-related diseases. They also have less depression and an increased sense of life satisfaction.

Helping others brings us closer together. When you help others, you make them feel like they matter in your life, and makes you feel you belong in their life, too. When you help others, you make them feel closer to you and also help them feel closer to others and perceive them more positively.

Helping others instills gratitude. When you give the gift of helping others or receive that gift yourself, you experience gratitude. This, in turn, will motivate you to become a more positive and thankful person.

Helping others helps get rid of negative feelings. Helping other people offers a welcome distraction from your own problems and brings a new perspective on life. It helps replace negative thoughts with happy feelings of gratitude and optimism.  

Helping others also makes people safe. If you live in an area where helping people is the norm and expected, everyone feels safer because they know where to turn in times of need.

Helping others can help uncover your true potential. You may think you are incapable of helping others, but that could change when you discover how helpful you can be to someone who needs what you can offer.  You will realize the joy you can bring to others. You may find you have more capabilities than you thought and discover the countless ways you can help.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay  

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