A mother’s love is a lifetime of love. It’s powerful and magical, and a connection so strong and special it can do miraculous things.

A mother is one of the most powerful individuals on earth. In today’s times her challenges are increasing, including divorces and family break-ups. Women, especially single mothers, are being left to raise children by themselves in very vulnerable situations. They feel weakened and many are disadvantaged economically and psychologically.

Yet, in such situations tough mothers are often born and don’t flinch at life’s tough challenges. They gladly accept their vocation as “mother,” which is to love. They will give up everything else to love and care for their family.

It is never an easy decision for a woman to accept her primary role as mother. Realization strikes right at the birth, and may force a decision to either leave a job or take a second one. She may also have to decide whether to bring up children on her own or take help from others. One thing is certain: a mother does not have to think twice before deciding for the betterment of her family.  

When a woman first learns she is pregnant, she becomes aware of her ability love, which is different from any feeling she has ever had before. It is overwhelming and powerful, deep and immense, unconditional and real. Through unconditional love she makes sacrifices for her child. She helps the youngster learn the meaning of unconditional love as she shares it with her child.

She endures endless worrying, constant work, lack of sleep and other struggles for her child.

So many mothers would give their children their last bite of food, even if still hungry themselves.  Many mothers would also give up career dreams to give their children the best chance for success.

We hear so much about disadvantaged mothers who manage to raise kids who are successful in their careers. When there is greatness, there is usually a mother who made it happen with her unconditional love.

We all have differences from time to time and it may seem our mothers ask a lot from us. However, nothing we could ever do would compare with what their love has done for us.

Whether a mother has seven children or just one or two, her love is still the same, unconditional, real, and forever.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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