The Helium Books stimulate the imagination of children and, above all, promote teamwork and cooperation. They show readers the benefits of working together, especially since the animals in the stories are different from one another. They teach that we must put aside our differences to reach a common goal. After all, we live in the same planet, don’t we?

There is a popular saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Indeed, teamwork is crucial to success. The Helium Books demonstrate why and how…

Teamwork promotes strong working relationships. Having shared the same home, the farm animals form bonds that turn into friendship and trust. They communicate well with each other, support each other, and work cooperatively. This is evident in The Helium Table, The Helium Egg, and Helium Heels.

Teamwork helps solve problems. Cooperation and collaboration within the group can help solve difficult problems. By exchanging ideas and working together, teams can find solutions that work best. In The Helium Egg, the animals figure out the best way to hold down the expanding, floating egg and carry out their share of “egg duty.” In The Helium Table, after planning how to bring the table back to earth, they collect space junk to weight it down.

Teamwork builds morale. Because confidence and trust are built within the team, the members feel a strong sense of belonging and deep commitment, not only to the common goal, but also to each other. Big Daddy Turkey boosts morale of the animals with his leadership. In The Helium Egg he sends the cats to bring food and water for the animals who are scared of heights. In The Helium Table he develops an effective plan to bring the floating table back to earth.

Teamwork motivates unity. Readers of The Helium Books should know by now that the barn promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and a family spirit. These close-knit relationships drive them to work harder, cooperate, and support one another. Unity is most evident during their unplanned trip into outer space, where they must work together to survive.

Teamwork promotes synergy. Mutually shared goals and cooperation foster synergy. When members are aware of their roles and responsibilities, along with the significance of their contributions to the team effort, they will feel motivated and encouraged to do their share of work and even “go the extra mile.” They will also feel a greater sense of achievement. Readers will see how synergy is at work in The Helium Table.

Teamwork blends complementary strengths. In a team, each member has something special to offer. Working together lets members build on the talents of their fellow-members. In The Helium Egg, the cats, who are not afraid of heights, are able to bring food and water to the other animals. In The Helium Table, the cat spots the most space junk because he can see so well in the dark, the birds and the dogs steer the table, and the geese with their long distance vision, lead them home.  Acting as a team, their collective strength helps improve efficiency and productivity.

Image by luvmybry from Pixabay

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