Readers may have already noticed that teamwork, along with cooperation, is the main theme of The Helium Books series.

In The Helium Table, the farm animals find themselves in outer space on top of a helium table. When they feel cold, the sheep share their woolly coats and the geese form a feather blanket. And when they feel hungry, the hens lay some eggs for dinner.

When it is time to go back to earth, they collect space junk to weight down the table. To move the table, the birds flap their wings and a dog steers with his tail. The geese guide them home, since they can see a long way.

See what teamwork can do? That’s the purpose of the Helium books: to show the benefits of working together. Although the animals in the stories look different from one another, they share a common home and have the same owner. Despite belonging to different species, they get along well and play with each other.

By reading The Helium Books, I hope that readers, particularly children, will learn a lesson or two about teamwork – from the animals.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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